Copyes of Ambrosius Boshaert.

Floral old painting is most interesting and attraktive for coping . I use multilayer technic of course. I paint several days whis break between them. This is a very exciting and useful employment. Small details disciplinary, and give you confidence in painting your artworks.

Light winter landscapes.Part II.

Light winter landscapes made by guasche.Painting should be the focal point in your interior. It should create a mood , set the tone for the entire space to entertain and impress at the same time.Urban and suburban landscapes winter very poetic and can be different emotional coloring. Here you see the most joyful, sometimes solemn ( those paintings that with night lighting).

Etched “wow” moments of Russian winter you can see here.



Landscapes. Old beautiful city. Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg is Russia’s second-largest city after Moscow. Although the central part of the city has a UNESCO designation (there are about 8,000 architectural monuments in Petersburg). Unlike in Moscow, in Saint Petersburg the historic architecture of the city centre, mostly consisting of Baroque and neoclassical buildings of the 18th and 19th centuries, has been largely preserved. Climate of Saint Petersburg is close to the climate of Helsinki, although colder in winter and warmer in summer because of its more eastern location. The main feature color of Saint Petersburg is weather conditions. The main color of this city is gray . But it is not just simple gray and the words of the great Chesterton “silver grey”. This noble gray diluted with greens trees and  glitter gold domes. Evening illumination adds luxury and wealth. I love this city and love paint it so mutch!


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Summer and autumn flowers in gouache

If You want to decorate the house to turn to painting of flowers.Flowers is the most attractive and impressive facility for painting. I teach drawing and painting for children. And often paint together take off. So it is easier to understand how and what to do, and also training for me. During the lesson is always showing paintings by famous artists and certainly Impressionists. Children are very responsive to the bright colors and the free technique, lively strokes. Flowers is most impressive nature which can halp me open in little artist desire and geave them freedom and emancipation.


Snapdragons and asters on a dark background.img_3512

Asters in blue vaseimg_350%d0%b03

Sun vibrating sunflowers.

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On the site fineartamerica, you can print my artworks:”buy arts”>=”buy art”>